Best Vacation Reads


Summer is here, and that usually means vacations, camping, and road trips galore!

If you are anything like me, you have to carry a book with you regardless of where you are as more of a comfort item than anything else. But it also means you hope that vacation means at least a few hours of uninterrupted reading.

With my own camping trip looming, I figured I\’d make a list of some quick, fast-paced, easy Fantasy reads that grip you that are PERFECT for reading while on vacation.

The Hobbit


Honestly, who doesn\’t want to read a book about an epic adventure while ON an epic adventure? And if your vacation is more relaxed? Then spice it up with some dragons and giant spiders! Plus, The Hobbit is a classic, and what a better excuse to read it than while on vacation!

Hunger Games


If you\’ve been putting off reading this beauty, or fancy a quick re-read, this book (and entire series) is quick-paced and action-packed. While not exactly Fantasy, it\’s sci-fi which is fantasy adjacent. You\’ll be drawn in immediately, and be rooting for the under dog!

The Invisible Life of Addie Larue


Beautiful prose combined with a heart-wrenching story. If you are looking for that perfect book to draw you in and tear your heart out, then this is that book. Perfect for sitting on the beach and soaking up rays while disappearing into V.E. Schwab\’s poetic words.

A Sorcery of Thorns


This stand-alone is action packed and full of characters you\’ll fall in love (or hate) with. I loved the unique world-building and I\’ve always wanted to be a librarian of magical old tomes. This is a great quick read if you just need an adventure.

An Enchantment of Ravens


Another quick read that\’s all about the fantasy and romance. If you like Fae and a touch of very real danger, then this is the perfect book for you. Read it on a long car ride and disappear into beautiful scenery as the scenery rolls by.

Sky in the Deep


This book is the epitome of Enemies to Lovers. If that\’s your favorite trope, then this stand-alone is a gripping story that drags you down and never lets go until the very end. Full of action and bloodshed, these two lovers must find themselves and redefine the meaning of family.

The Princess Bride


Everyone needs a little humor, especially on vacation! This book is the epitome of dark humor mixed with thrilling adventure and romance. You may have seen the movie, but if you\’ve never read the book, then you are missing out. Be sure to read the author\’s commentary, it\’s by far the best part!

Scorpio Races


This is a beautifully written stand alone that I couldn\’t put down. Perfect beachside read, as it takes place on the coast, and full of sea creatures and danger. This book grabs you from the beginning, gets you in its teeth, and never lets you go.



And finally, another humor-filled adventure beautifully written. This story takes you beyond our own world and into the stars. Full of romance and adventure, our intrepid heros must fight all the odds against them to find their way home, to each other.

This weekend I\’ll be heading out on a camping trip and I\’ll be taking a few books with me. I can\’t wait to sit by a crackling fire, or along the lakeshore in my hammock reading for hours, and possibly even taking a nap.

Happy Summer and happy reading.


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