New book release!

Today is the release of Kingdom of Mist & Chaos, the final book in the Elemental Kingdoms Series! It\’s finally complete!

They’ve won the battle, but can they win the war?

The Elemental Rising must race to find allies in their war against the cruel king of Carr. But with the plague ravaging those of the Blood, they\’re fighting a war on two fronts. With time running out and a tenuous cure barely making a dent in the sick and dying, they must find resources, allies, and hope. A battle for their futures ensues; can they choose their own fates, or will their fledgling rebellion fall apart?

The final installment of the Elemental Kingdoms Series, Kingdom of Mist & Chaos brings everything full circle in this stunning conclusion. In a world ruled by blood and magic, our heroes will fight for their happy endings.

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Today only (3/26/21) Book one in the series, Kingdom of Wind & Fire is FREE on Kindle! Snag your copy now!–>



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