A Bookish Guide to Holiday Gifts


The spooky season is over, which means it\’s time to start saving your pennies and making plans for the Yule time/Holiday Season!!

Not only are we all readers here, but we also probably know readers who would love these gift, OR we know loved ones we can share this list with so they can get ideas of what to buy us!

The perfect gift might lie below:

  1. The perfect t-shirt

Honestly, this is the perfect gift for me. I adore tea and books together!


Snag your own on Etsy here.

2. Socks to wear while reading

I hate socks but I know others think they are cozy!


Snag your own pair of these lovely warm socks on Etsy here.

3. The perfect candle

I have to admit I have an obsession with candles and this one looks PERFECT.


Snag your perfect candle on Etsy here.

4. Every book lovers favorite mug

I love a good floral mug, don\’t you?


You can grab your own mug on Etsy here.

5. Perfect little pencil holder/scarf/bag combo!

If you are like me, you own too many pens and pencils and notebooks and nowhere to put them!

6. For the tea lover

I love tea and books. The perfect combo.

7. The perfect book light

Like to read after dark? Or know someone who does? This is the perfect gift.

8. Reading log

Do you have a long To Be Read list? Keep track of it in this handy notebook!

9. A feather light bookmark

Perfect for making the page.

10. Wearable blanket

The perfect cozy companion for reading.

Frankly, as long as you buy cozy, book related items for your book nerd, you can\’t go wrong!!

Happy Yuletide/Christmas/Hannukkah/Kwanza/whatever you celebrate!





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